Johan van Lill praat met dr. Henning Gericke, ‘n kliniese sportsielkundige, oor hoe ouers en versorgers hulle kinders (en veral talentvolle kinders) kan ondersteun om hulle volle potensiaal te bereik. Hoe gemaak as my kind op ‘n dag by die huis kom en sê hy wil nou nie meer ‘n sport doen nie, terwyl hy eintlik soveel talent daarin het?

Sports psychologist Dr Henning Gericke joins us in the #OFMFamilylFocus to talk about his new book and also to invite parents to join him for his online workshops. Dr Henning Gericke talks about his book “Inspiring Parents: Creating champions in sport and life” and explains what positive pressure is and also shares some insight as to why parents/adults should not be projecting their own goals onto their children.


In part 2 he will talk about his online workshops that he is presenting for parents until the end of the year to understand your children better. Following on the success of his book Inspiring Champions, sports psychologist Henning Gericke asks you, “Do you need to be an Inspiring Parent?” Here are some of the topics he tackles in his book:

Challenge your definition of success.

Identify beliefs that will empower you and your child.

Understand the difference between positive and negative pressure on your child.

Allow your child to fail and make peace with imperfection.

Focus on forming a partnership with the coach.

Strive to be a spiritual teacher for your child.

Become aware of a growth versus a fixed mindset.

Learn what wise parenting is all about.

Be able to make a distinction between self-confidence and self-esteem.

Become aware that your child’s brain profile and preference may differ from other children.

By living these powerful principles, you will be able to give your child the greatest gift.